TORONTO STAR: The Amazing Race Canada: Meet the teams

LINK TO ARTICLE By: Debra Yeo Staff Reporter, Published on Fri Jul 04 2014 There are 11 teams competing on this season’s Amazing Race Canada, including Shahla Kara and Nabeela Barday. Here’s a quick look at who they are, including their pet peeves about each other. You can go to for more information. Sukhi […]

THE LOOP – TV GUIDE CANADA: Who’s running ‘The Amazing Race Canada’ in Season 2?

LINK TO ARTICLE Let’s size up the new list of competitors, which includes National Ballet stars and Olympic hockey players Emily Gagne – Jun 20 Looks like the race is officially on. On Friday morning, CTV announced the last of its contestants who will appear on Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada. The final […]

Huffington Post ‘Amazing Race Canada’ Season 2 Teams: Co-Worker Contestants Join The Fray In 2014

LINK TO ARTICLE ‘Amazing Race Canada’ Season 2 Teams: Co-Worker Contestants Join The Fray In 2014 HuffPost Canada TV  |  By Chris Jancelewicz Posted: 06/19/2014 11:11 am EDT  |  Updated: 06/19/2014 11:59 am EDT   In what seems to be a family-friendly season so far, “Amazing Race Canada” Season 2 has added three more teams to the […] Laura and Jackie say being used to spending 24 hours a day together will give them the edge on ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

LINK TO ARTICLE Laura and Jackie By Sheri Block 6/19/2014 8:06:49 AM Laura Takahashi and Jackie Skinner already live together, work together and travel together and they’re excited to spend even more time together running “The Amazing Race Canada.” In fact, this married couple from Toronto thinks it’s exactly what’s going to give them the […]

TORONTO STAR Travel insurance: Know the details of your policy!

Published in the Toronto Star Thursday May 23, 2013 LINK TO ARTICLE   By: Kristin Kent Special to the Star, Published on Thu May 23 2013 Laura Takahashi and her wife Jackie Skinner have no problem juggling many travel plans. They know they’ll take a major international trip every four years, with smaller ones in […]