Let’s size up the new list of competitors, which includes National Ballet stars and Olympic hockey players

Looks like the race is officially on. On Friday morning, CTV announced the last of its contestants who will appear on Season 2 of The Amazing Race Canada.

The final list is, much like last year, filled with a number of eclectic pairs of Canadians, as well as a few surprise semi-celebrities (there’s no Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of Body Break, but Season 2 has some ballet and hockey pros!). They will all compete in a race across the nation (and rumour has it, perhaps even places outside of it) with returning host and Olympic athlete Jon Montgomery also along for the ride.

Although we won’t get a full look at the pairs until July 8, when the show debuts on CTV and CTV Go, they have all released full bios, which give you a pretty good look at how they could fare this season. Check out our totally subjective first look analysis of each team below!

  • THE FIANCÉS (Rex Harrington and Bob Hope of Ashburn, Ont.)
    This pair, made up of 51-year-old National Ballet of Canada artist in residence Harrington and 47-year-old dental consultant Hope, could bring some brevity to the game, considering that their team motto even seems focused on that (“Have fun, laugh hard, play harder.”) and they used a Fried Green Tomatoes reference in their overall team bio (“Face it. We’re older and have more insurance!”). Also, Harrington’s athletic background will certainly work to their benefit, both in physical challenges and the foot races that come in between.  And since Hope is familiar with the icky ins and outs of the dental world, he’s probably won’t be squirmy if something gross gets thrown their way.
  • THE MALE BEST FRIENDS (Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz of Seguin, Ont. and Parry Sound, Ont.)
    These 24-year-old dudes could certainly be fan favourites, what with their purposefully long hair styles (“Long hair, don’t care” is their motto) and general laid-back vibe that has reportedly gelled with one another “for so long they can’t even remember.” They’ll be shoo-ins during any water-based challenge, seeing as Henry operates and owns a wakeboard and water-ski cable park in Muskoka. Their downfall, however, could be their reportedly kind attitude, which might lead them to helping out other teams when they should be helping themselves.
  • THE FEMALE BEST FRIENDS (Shahla Kara and Nabeela Barday of Markham, Ont.)
    Much like Henry and Schmalz, Kara and Barday have a notable history, having known each other for 20 of their 29 years and bonding over their Muslim-Canadian heritages. Their only problem, and one that they own up to, is that due to their religion, neither of them can have alcohol or non-halal meals. If there are plenty of food or drink based challenges, the occupational therapist and her marketing consultant pal could be out of luck and fast.
  • THE TWINS (Pierre and Michel Forget of Terrebonne, Que.)
    While it’s unclear whether these two can meet the high expectations they set out with their motto (“Go big, or go home”), considering that they work alongside one another at a family meatpacking biz, they should make a pretty solid team from the start. They already know what it’s like to be with each other day in and day out, so being stuck in the same vicinity for extended periods of time shouldn’t be a problem for them. Also, it’s possible that their Quebec heritage could be an asset should they end up in a French-speaking locale. Oh, and guys have skiing backgrounds (Pierre won the International Ski Federation Moguls World Cup in 1994!).
  • THE CO-WORKERS (Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard of Vancouver)
    Much like the Forgets, these guys have the benefit of having been a team on a regular basis, as they work alongside one another at a bar. But they’ve got two other major assets working for them: Goddard’s physicality (he’s also a trainer) and Steele’s humility (he’s also a sketch comic).
  • THE SAME-SEX MARRIED COUPLE (Laura Takahashi and Jackie Skinner of Toronto)
    These ladies look mighty fierce in their promo photos, rocking some awesomely coordinated (but not too coordinated!) grey, black and purple gear. But what’s also awesome about the couple is that they seem unfazed by the game already, making their motto “No hesitation.” Also, their vocations–media developer and musician–might not seem super helpful on paper, but they could be surprisingly useful at some point. And moreover, these gals are well-traveled, even getting engaged while journeying through Vietnam.
  • THE OTHER MARRIED COUPLE (Jen and Shawn King of Halifax)
    Even if you’re turned off but their motto (“Get ‘er done!”), you have to admit that these two could be a dream team of sorts. She’s a holistic nutrition practitioner, so she’s clearly going to be in great shape for taking on the race (apparently he is too). And he’s a president at an advertising agency, which means he’s creative and likely quick on his feet.
  • THE MOTHER/SON DUO (Cormac and Nicole Foster of Winnipeg)
    The thing about this twosome, made up of a bio engineer student and his nursing home worker mom, is that they will automatically win audiences over with their relationship. Nicole had Cormac as a late teen and raised him while going to school, proving that she’s a great multi-tasker, not to mention mega driven to keep them both afloat in even the more dire of circumstances.
  • THE SIBLINGS (Sukhi and Jinder Atwal of Terrace, B.C.)
    This brother/sister team apparently loves to travel, both for business and pleasure, having apparently even tried to work on their entrepreneurial endevours in South Asia. That experience in foreign locales will work for them, not to mention the fact that they seem to get along well, with their bio claiming that they have always been “inseparable.” The only downside to be seen at this point might be Sukhi’s fear of fast-moving vehicles, something they will most obviously come in contact with.
  • THE TEAMMATES (Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson of Scarborough, Ont. and Calgary)
    Yes, yes, all of these people are teammates now, but these gals have professional experience with it, as they played on Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team together. They are taking their experience in the Olympics with them into the game too, using their 2014 team motto (“Unity in adversity”) as their one for the race as well. Also, anyone who watched them compete in Sochi knows that they’ll do just about anything to win, with Mikkelson having played the gold medal championship game with a broken hand. That said, apparently that injury does hold her back some, which could factor into their success this time around.
  • THE STILL-DATING COUPLE (Alain Chanoine and Audrey Tousignant-Maurice of St-Hubert, Que.)
    While they might not be married just yet, these Quebec natives have been together for quite a few years, so they know how to work in tandem. Also, he does stunts as an actor, so none of the high-intensity challenges should faze him in the slightest, and she reportedly has a similar flare for facing fears head on.


Which team do you think has what it takes to win? Which other Canadian duos would you have liked to have seen compete? Sound off below!

The new season of The Amazing Race Canada starts Tuesday, July 8 at 9 p.m . ET/PT on CTV and CTV Go.